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Global Competence Development via the Campus Community: The Critical Role of Student Affairs Professionals

July 13, Noon Eastern

In today's interconnected world, we are presented with the challenging and equally rewarding opportunity to create and foster both diverse and welcoming student environments. Such settings assist our students to successfully communicate, understand, and interact among persons with differing assumptions that exist because of ethnic and cultural orientations. In a collegiate atmosphere, students have an opportunity to shift past paradigms through new exposures that transcend the classroom. Come learn how we, as student affairs professionals, can support the development of students’ “soft skills,” which are necessary in today’s global society and economy. This program will include an overview of a global competence framework for personal development, trends in the global workforce, and how campus attentiveness to global competence fosters the development of the skills that the workforce expects.

This session is brought to you by the International Education Community of Practice.

About the Presenter

Christi Hunter is the president of Global Competence Consulting and chief executive officer for Global Leadership Excellence, where she works to assess, prepare, and enhance the global workforce of tomorrow via a portfolio of consultative services. She has worked for major global corporations, including Häagen-Dazs (now part of Nestlé), Mars, and Kraft Foods. While at Mars, she partnered internationally to develop and launch products for global brands such as DOVE Chocolate and M&M's. With the goal of increasing readiness for the needs of the interconnected global economy at all levels, Hunter has provided career development and job placement coaching to students and employees interested in elevating their employment marketability, and she has assisted companies in building effective and capable organizations. She earned her B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University and her M.S. from Kansas State University, where she had the opportunity to study in a world renowned program with students from around the globe. 



Student Employee Training Best Practices

July 27, 1 p.m. Eastern

In this webinar, you will hear from two different institutions concerning their best practices and strategies with student employee training programs and development. Each institution developed training programs for student employees to ensure learning is taking place throughout their employment experience in the union. Participants will find strategies and ideas to implement in their student training programs. This session will give participants the opportunity to hear from two colleagues in the field who are focusing on transforming their student employee training experience as well as time to share their ideas and seek feedback from the presenters and fellow participants.

This session is brought to you by Regions III and V, and is open to all.

About the Presenters

Christopher Burpee serves as the technical services manager at the Norris University Center at Northwestern University, where he oversees 75 student employees who make up the Event Production team, fulfilling more than 13,000 campus events per year. Burpee also chairs the Norris Training Committee, responsible for planning training for the 200+ student employees who work in the Norris Center. He has worked five years as a mid-level manager in student affairs, has 10 years of professional event experience, and previously spent five summers teaching leadership skills, team-building activities, and running a high and low ropes course.

Kennyattah Cox serves as the student services and administration coordinator of the University Commons and Student Involvement Office at The University of West Florida. There, she oversees the Event Services and Information Desk student staff members, student employee training and development initiatives, ticketing for campus events, games room services, and administration. She serves as a member of the Student Affairs New Employee Orientation Committee, Student Affairs Customer Service Task Force, and as a campus Welcome Week (Argo Arrival) Event Chair. Having worked at the University of West Florida for over 10 years, Cox encourages students to maximize their potential by pursuing academic, professional, and personal growth outside the classroom.